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Travel Planning

Travel Planning is an important element of Tactran’s Regional Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan.  Section 5.4 of the Tactran RTS 2015-2036 Refresh outlines the detailed strategy for Travel Planning and section 4 of the associated Tactran RTS Delivery Plan 2016-2021 provides details of Travel Planning projects.  Progress on individual projects is reported appropriately at Partnership Meetings.

We have also launched www.travelknowhowscotland.co.uk a website to assist organisations in implementing travel plans.

Tactran hosts Tactran Liftshare for those looking to car share across the region. We now have over 3000 members who are saving on average £800 a year simply by sharing their journeys. Start sharing and start saving.

For queries on any of the above, contact info@tactran.gov.uk