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Regional Transport Strategy

Regional Transport Strategy 2015-2036

Our Regional Transport Strategy sets out a vision for improving the region’s transport infrastructure, services and other facilities over the period to 2036. Our Vision is to deliver:

a transport system, shaped by engagement with its citizens, which helps deliver prosperity and connects communities across the region and beyond, which is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable and which promotes the health and well-being of all.

The Tactran Partnership Board and Minister for Transport and Islands approved the finalised Regional Transport Strategy Refresh in July 2015 giving it statutory status.

Consultation on a New Regional Transport Strategy 2023-2033

We have commenced work on writing a new Regional Transport Strategy to consider the challenges and opportunities that have arisen since 2015, not least the Climate Emergency declared by the Scottish Government and our constituent Councils.

During Summer 2021 we sought your views on issues that should shape the strategy (please see ‘A New Regional Transport Strategy: Supporting Documents’ below)

We now want to understand your views on the:

  • Draft Objectives and outcomes
  • Consequences on individuals, businesses and delivery agencies of:
    1. The scale of change required to hit national targets
    2. Potential measures

We want to know what the impact of change may be so that we can consider how measures can be introduced in as fair and equitable manner as possible. You can respond to the consultation in a number of ways:

You can submit input to this stage of consultation until 4th November 2022. This information will help us write a draft strategy, which we expect to consult on during 2023.

If you require help in responding to this consultation, for example an alternative version of the consultation in easy read format or in alternative language, please contact us at info@tactran.gov.uk. If you are responding by email or post please send responses to:


Bordeaux House

31 Kinnoull Street

Perth PH1 5EN


A New Regional Transport Strategy: Supporting Documents

Issues Identification and Objective Setting:

RTS Main Issues Storymap

Main Issues Report (pdf)

Regional Transport Strategy Update Note January 2022

Consultation on the potential impacts of the RTS on people and place May 2021

Other Regional Transport Strategy Documents

Regional Transport Strategy 2015 – 2036

Delivery Plan 2016-2021