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16th June 2020

The Partnership Board Meeting due to be held at 10.30am on Tuesday 16th June 2020 in Perth.  As part of measures to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19), the decision has been taken, in consultation with the Chair of the Board, to cancel the meeting and to consider and determine matters virtually by means of e-mail.  The agenda and papers will be available in due course.

1. Agenda

2. Minutes of Meeting held on 17th March 2020

3. Public Services Reform Act Statements 2019/20 – Joint Report by Director and Treasurer

4. Draft Unaudited Annual Accounts for 2019/20 – Joint Report by Treasurer and Director

5. Active Travel Capital Grants – Report by Senior Strategy Officer

6. Tactran Regional EV Strategy: Delivery Plan Update – Report by Senior Partnership Manager

7. Directors Report