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15th June 2021

The Partnership Board Meeting is scheduled for 10.30am on Tuesday 15th June 2021.  The Agenda and papers are available below:

1. Agenda

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 March 2021

3. ScotRail Update – Presentation by Ewan Tait, Business Development Executive, ScotRail

4. Public Services Reform Act Annual Statements for 2020/21 – Joint Report by Director and Treasurer

5. Draft Unaudited Annual Accounts for 2020/21 – copy to follow

6. 2021/22 Budget and Monitoring – Joint Report by Treasurer and Director

7. Active Travel Progress Report – Report by Strategy Officer (Sustainable Transport) and the Regional Cycle Training and Development Officer

8. A New Regional Transport Strategy: Update – Report by Senior Strategy Officer

9. Directors’ Report

10. Mobility as a Service Update – Report by Senior Strategy Officer

11. Bus Alliances Update – Presentation by Niall Gardiner, Senior Partnership Manager, Tactran