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13 December 2022

The next Partnership Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th December 2022. The meeting will be a hybrid meeting so a virtual option will be available and people may attend in person at Council Chambers, 2 High Street, Perth. The Agenda and papers are detailed below:

Link to the Virtual meeting

  1. Agenda
  2. Minute of Meeting held on 20 September 2022
  3. Bus Alliances Update – Report by Tayside Bus Alliance Project Manager
  4. Tactran Annual Report 2021/22 – Report by Director
  5. 2022/23 Budget and Monitoring – Joint Report by Treasurer and Director
  6. 2023/24 Core Revenue Budget – Joint Report by Treasurer and Director
  7. Directors Report
  8. A New Regional Transport Strategy ‘A Conversation about changing how we travel’ Consultation Summary – Report by Senior Strategy Officer