Lorry Route

Tactran have partnered with Lorry Route to provide our local area with safe, approved route navigation to keep costs down for our fleets and drivers, as well as keep our roads and bridges safe.

Why sign up to Lorry Route?

  • Approved route navigation in all cities, including London
  • Use it online, or download the app
  • Keep fuel costs down following the shortest routes possible
  • Stop PCN fines in all major cities across the UK
  • Avoid bridge strikes
  • Keep local communities happy
  • Always up to date. Always compliant.

Want to find out more? Click on the Lorry Route logo, or email hello@lorryroute.com.

Lorry Watch

Tactran do all they can to improve road conditions and to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring, and want to continue working with our local communities to ensure that this is possible.

Want to report an incident regarding a large vehicle to us to ensure that we know what’s happening on our local roads? Click on the Lorry Watch logo around our website and follow the links. Make sure that you select “Tactran” in the dropdown menu, to ensure we’re getting the message!


Tactran Freight Quality Partnership (FQP)

Tactran's Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) brings stakeholders, with an interest in freight movements, together at a regional level. It aims to achieve a mutual understanding of stakeholder positions and problems by sharing issues of concern and identifying possible courses of action to resolve them. The FQP meets every six months and includes representation from the Road Haulage Association, Freight Transport Association, Scottish Enterprise, Port of Dundee, Montrose Port Authority, Perth Harbour, Stirling & Tayside Timber Transport Group, ConFor, Highland Spring and Councils in the Tactran region.